Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Last Stitch

I'm getting ready to sew the last stitch on the binding. Although I usually dred this step, it always brings me to reflection. The whole process, the time, the late nights. But it's really about the art itself and who it's for. This time around, it's all about the community at Emmanuel. The banner is for all of us. The title finally came to me while I was writing an artist's statement for the church bulletin:
"Ancient Flames ~ New Flames"

May everyone who sees it be moved, be thrilled, be
inspired to continue in the mission.

It will be presented this Sunday, July 22nd at our celebration worship service. It will be carried in the procession, and placed on a banner pole. I will post some pictures after Sunday...


Carol Dean said...

What an amazing accomplishment! People will be looking at it as inspiration in another 125 years. Congratulations! What a lovely gift to your community.

LoieJ said...

Beautiful and done in time!

Susan said...

I can't wait to see the photos!

Anonymous said...

looking forward to seeing the photos from the presentation!!!