Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trusting your first instinct

Here's an early work in progress photo on the banner. I should have trusted my first instinct and the first design I came up with...

After placing the flames in two different ways, I came back to this one. One had the flames as a tree, one had them in a large spiral with the colors all mixed. I also realized that fusing them directly to the batting wasn't going to work (what to do with all the little areas showing through), so I am fusing them on black Kona cotton.

The Luther Seal has been printed out on white cotton and my plans are to paint it, or color it with oil pastels. Still working out the details of printing the images of the church's wood carvings on silk organza.

Problem - I counted about 135 flames, and I only need 125.
Ten flames must go. And I must go to bed now...

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Shirley Goodwin said...

I also fuse these days(when I actually get around to making quilts) and like you, use a backing fabric. Fusing onto batting just didn't seem a good idea to me.