Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quilting Arts Blog

Yesterday, Pokey Bolton, posted info and pictures of this cool technique that she discovered while coloring on pages from an old book...

I gave it a try, and while the outcome was not the same, I like it! I used pages from an old encyclopedia, and I chose words beginning with the letter "S" - solstice, sonnet, spinach (?), spinning, sponge, songs, sculpture, scroll. To try it again, I may have to get some of the pastels that she recommended - many types/brands reside in my studio, but I won't be concerned about adding to my collection.

Here's the link to her blog with all the directions:
Quilting Arts Blog

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Quilting Arts said...

Julaine, I love your results waaaay better than mine! If you do something with these pages will you let me know?