Sunday, July 31, 2005

Vacation Week?

We are sometimes functional, but always strive to be funky! My husband, Jeff, son Jason and I are preparing for the week ahead. This is the annual vacation week that always occurs in August. We would rather be up in Ontario, Canada at "Luther Village" with other fun people from our church, but I do have an art fair to get ready for, and other stuff that needs attention. So.....we're doing the daytrippin' thing!

~~~There's a drive-in theater a hour away from us in a small town. We love drive-in theaters, and our son has only been to one - when he was 3 (?) - 10 years ago. It really doesn't even matter what's showing. Sitting in your car, bad speakers, food flying everywhere, sticking your feet out the window, having your child ask you why the windows are fogging up in the car next to you - it's the perfect thing to do on a summer night. I got excited when I read the show times for the movie: SHOWN AT DUSK ~~~
I wonder if I can talk the teenager into getting into his jammies before we go.....


Debra said...


A request please. You are on Blogspot as am I. In your SETTINGS, would you please choose to turn on SITE FEEDS??

This would let many of us "subscribe" to your blog and be automatically told when you update with something new.

It would also get you on my blogroll.

teri springer said...

Sounds like a fun vacation to me. I know there is still one drive-in around here somewhere, I just am not sure where. I DO know there is one in Manistique, MI (in the UP) but that's a bit of a drive (about 5.5 hours).

My vacation will start 8/9 when I hand my dad over to the loving care of his brother and sister-in-law AND my DH and youngest son leave for their annual father-son week. Last year the *week* lasted only 3.5 days. I told them THIS year, I don't care if they have to get a room in the next town DON'T come home for a full week! This is MY time to clean and sew!!! (and it's supposed to be THEIR time to bond).