Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Make a Duct Tape Display

So I was going to cover it with some stretchy fabric when it was done. I guess that is one of the true signs of a "fiber" artist. We always have something in the stash somewhere that will work to cover something up and make it pretty.

After getting so frustrated trying to find just the right dress form at the right price (read: cheapo), I thought I'd look online to see how to make one out of duct tape.  I know there are classes at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, but I didn't really want a form of mine or anyone else's body.  I just wanted a basic torso-like shaped form so I could display my nuno-felted scarves and wraps at the art fairs and other venues.

It all starts with a strong cardboard box, some 2-sided tape, and a vase. I used the tape to adhere the vase to the top of the box.
 Before using the duct tape, I wrapped an old turtle neck top (sleeves removed) around the form and stitched it in place in a few areas. My plans then were to cut the duct tape into manageable lengths, then apply them, but I found it to be fairly easy to just start wrapping.  I did, however, rip some smaller pieces to go around the "neck" area.  I went around the form 3 times and ended up using about 35 yards (one roll plus some from my husband's stash).


 Three layers of the duct tape will make the form solid and stronger.  Now it was time to cut it apart and pull it out of the box/vase form. I then used a few strips of the tape to close the form up in the back.

Now heres' where I got out my fiber box, so to say...and this was a little messy!  I used "Rigid Wrap," which is a form of plaster tape that you can find in art and craft stores.  Messy, yes, but easy...I did cut this into about 20 inch pieces, dipped them into a plastic container of warm water and then applied them onto the form.  When finished, I was glad my brain was still in gear when disposing of the water - do not dump it down the sink, because at the bottom of the container was about a 1/2 inch of wet plaster gunk - not good for the sink drains...

 And so, here it is in all it's glory, with a few added elements around the top edge, soon to be re-shaped. And...there is the matter of painting it: I don't want to do black, and I'm not sure about a flesh tone, so here's where I need your help!  What color should I paint it? Maybe gray?

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