Friday, January 16, 2009

Shisa 2 and the Kid

It's been a challenge photographing the mirrors. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know...
I've now finished 12 of them for the denim vest, having added beads to these two. I like. The process is fun and easy, so it could make for a nice art workshop at Emmanuel before Lent, and have the participants create a few to be added to a piece that can be displayed at a future exhibit in our Celebration Gallery.

Jason's self-portrait in a 4-part stencil. Very nice and cool.

Did he shoot this himself? I found it on Picasa. I'll ask. I know he was bored yesterday because he cleaned his room. It's been so cold here that school was canceled, so that has put off the rest of his finals until next Tuesday. I think he's okay with that, since he has been rehearsing his monologue for Drama class.
UPDATE: he DID set the camera up himself...

Stay warm if you're cold, you know, cuddle up to someone nice, or the quilt you may be working on.

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