Friday, August 04, 2006

After being teased

So I didn't choose the easy way, or the CONFORMING way, but I'm satisfied -

I was teased a couple of weeks ago after showing up a day early for a meeting at church, and was told that I needed an appointment book - a nice, black, possibly zippered one - probably on sale now - hint,hint,hint JULAINE !!!

"But I have this small, very artistic spiral notebook. It has lines - what's the problem?"

I'll show 'em - I'll create something that will knock their socks off -


~Golden Enclyclopedia, 1961 (1st grade for me) ~
~Chose the letter "S" (see a previous post)

~Mona was already on the cover ~
~Christmas photo of me at 2 yrs.old ~
~Illustration of Jesus and the Children (I work with children at church)
~Greeting card image of elder women crouching down (you would need to know me quite well before I would tell you that story)

I printed out lots of weekly appointment pages to glue inside. Finished the weeks through this year - a fabric pocket inside the front -

Check out the photos of one of the pages - I left that one alone...

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